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Latex·ite® Trowel Patch®

from £14.99 inc vat

Latex·ite® Trowel Patch®


  • 5 KG
  • Black, cement-like formula.
  • Ideal for rough spots, depressions, low spots and medium/large cracks.
  • No-stir formula.
  • Easy to apply. Just trowel and smooth over troubled area
  • Easy to clean up with soap & water


Latex-ite Trowel Patch® is a great solution for tarmac driveways where you have rough areas, minor depressions or even medium to large cracks.  Made from smooth asphalt, cement like formula, Trowel Patch requires no stirring and is easy to apply with a trowel by just smoothing it over the problem area.


To apply trowel patch we recommend you follow these easy steps:


1. Thoroughly clean out the area you want to patch by removing loose debris and rinsing. This will ensure trowel patch adheres properly giving you a stronger, longer lasting repair

2. Leave the area to fully dry

3. Trowel the trowel patch over the depression, crack or rough area.  Don’t apply it too thick as it dries from the top down. For cracks or depressions greater than 12mm depth, we recommend you apply a maximum of three layers, at a maximum of 12 mm thick, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next.


If you are planning to seal your driveway after repairing with Latexite Trowel Patch we recommend you ensure the repair is completely dried and cured. 




5KG£14.99 inc vat
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